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 Request your sub-forum here!

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Request your sub-forum here! Empty
PostSubject: Request your sub-forum here!   Request your sub-forum here! Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 1:23 pm

Welcome to the request your PrisonBreak Sub-Forum thread!

Sub-Forum is a fantastic PrisonBreak feature! You can have your own personal
forum and have moderation powers over it! If you abuse your sub-forum
then you will be banned from the forum!

If you wish to request a sub-forum please use the following template below:

Sub-forum name: SUB FORUM NAME HERE
Sub-forum moderator's name: YOUR CURRENT FORUM NAME HERE

PrisonBreak Sub-Forum Information!

If you are found to be abusing your sub-forum, you will be perm banned
from the PrisonBreak Forum and your sub-forum will be deleted. If you
have any problems with your prison break sub-forum please PM a administrator!
Post counts are disabled in your sub-forum.
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Request your sub-forum here!
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